Spiritual Jewelry, Chakra Jewelry, Symbolic jewelry, Gemtone Jewelry, Handcrafted  Designs

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 Spiritual Jewelry, Chakra Jewelry, Tibetan & Symbolic Designs

Spiritual Jewelry, Chakra Jewelry, Healing Jewelry, Artisan crafted gemstone pendants, Symbolic jewelry, Labyrinth Pendants, Swarovski Crystal Life Blessing Jewelry & Tibetan Jewelry.

Celebrate your uniqueness with beautiful artisan crafted jewelry set in sterling silver with various gemstones, crystals & spiritual motifs. Chose from distinctive symbolic designs, a stunning collection of Chakra jewelry, original one-of-a kind spiritual jewelry and other unique handcrafted creations. Gemstones carry healing and magical properties. Have you ever noticed how wearing jewelry can uplift your spirit as well as enhance your self-esteem? Throughout the ages, jewelry has played an important part in human expression.

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Chakra Jewelry


Gemstone Jewelry

Malas, Amethyst Mala

Crystal Malas

Life Blessing Bracelet available at Equinox Books & Gifts, a new age store featuring aromatherapy candles, flower essences, tibetan singing bowls, pendulums, gemstone jewelry, new age books, lavender dream pillows, blank journals and energy chimes.

Life Blessing Crystal Bracelet & Necklace

Chakra Jewelry, Spiritual Jewelry

 Crystal Amulets

Shiva-lingam-pendant-Spiritual Jewelry

 Shiva Lingam Pendant


Crystal Gem Drops

Hamsa Pendant, Spiritual Jewelry

Sacred Jewelry Hamsa Pendant


Om/Yoga/Tibetan Collection

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