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Good Medicine Ball

Therapeutic hot & cold massage ball filled with organic flaxseed and essential oils.


Use to relieve inflammation and joint stiffness. Available in purple, blue or green cotton batik.

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Good Medicine Ball

Used to relieve inflammation and joint stiffness. Filled with organic flaxseed, chamomile, lavender, rosemary, and a soothing blend of essential oils. Chamomile is known to relieve inflammation, stress, and tension. Lavender is known as "Grandmother's Incredible Remedy" and has a calming scent. Rosemary is also used to relieve inflammation and the symptoms of pain. Ball is microwaveable or can be placed in the freezer when coolness is desired. You can massage the ball with your hands, roll the ball under your feet or roll the ball on your neck, wrists or knees. Use while sitting in your favorite place; remember to take deep breaths!

Ball dimensions: 3.5" x 5", made in a variety of cottons and cotton batik - purple, green or blue.




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