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Wishing Pot

Black Ceramic Wishing Pot with Oriental Kanji

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Black Ceramic Wishing Pot

Also available in white

Empower your wishes with this elegantly designed ceramic wishing pot. Great for turning wishes into reality. Simply write your wish on the scroll that is provided. Roll up the scroll and place it in the wish holder which hangs from the lid of the wishing pot. Place the lid on the pot and keep it in an auspicious place to invite good fortune. You can easily make more scrolls for future wishes.

The wishing pot will help keep your wishes safe and can be used as a small ritual. Special objects can also be added such as a lucky charm or a love token.

Measurements are 5”tall X 4” Diameter

Comes boxed and ready for gift giving. Instructions included.

Black Ceramic Wishing Pot adorned with Chinese symbol of prosperity.




Also available in white


White Wishing Pot


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